Marumoto Chikurin Earth Science Bio

Type: Sake
Country: Japan
Region: Okayama
Rice: Organic house-grown Yamadanishiki
Alcohol Percentage: 15%

Designation: Junmai Ginjo
Polishing Ratio: 50%
Yeast Variety: Undisclosed
Tasting Notes: Light and subtly sweet yet with a mineral backbone that adds complexity and sharpness to the palate

About the Brewery:
The Marumoto Brewery was founded in 1867 at the foothills of the Chikurin-ji Mountains, in Okayama – one of Japan’s most prized agricultural regions. The Brewery was originally named Shimizu-ya, literally meaning “spring water store” because it was built on the site of a great water source.

A national cultural landmark, the brewery is currently managed by the 6th generation president, Niichiro Marumoto. In the early 1990s, Marumoto-san committed to growing his own rice and created a new brand, Chikurin, that is made from 100% homegrown Yamada Nishiki, the most famous sake rice.

He took over the brewery immediately after college and had the daunting first task of managing the brewery on his own at such a tender age. Marumoto-san grew into his leadership role and pioneered a new chapter for the brewery and the sake world.