Pazo de San Mauro

Spain | Rias Baixas

Pazo de San Mauro originally belonged to the noble Spanish and Portuguese Pereira de Castro family, descendants of King Sancho I of Portugal. It was built in 1591 with a wine press room..

The winery is located in Condado de Tea, the southernmost and sunniest area of DO Rías Baixas. It has an exceptional microclimate with Atlantic influences noted for its gentle temperatures and heavy rainfall. It also has the necessary number of ideal daylight hours that ensure the vines in Pazo de San Mauro mature fully and early. The vines are over 40 years old and cover a 30 ha of pebble plots by the banks of the river Miño, creating a natural amphitheatre and surrounding it with magic and mystery. The grapevines are semi-trellised so that the fruit, of which very little is produced, can grow in the best possible conditions and achieve the highest levels of quality.