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New (and Uncommon) Grapes in Town!

Cabernet….Chardonnay…. There’s a reason these tried and true varietals are the most popular in the world.  The distinctiveness of grape varieties and geography can offer something different on the palate each time. At TWDC, we find it thrilling how winemakers are...

1st Growth Wine in Greece – La Tour Melas

La Tour Melas Central Greece, Achinos "We bet that we could produce a 1st growth wine in Greece." The winery took up the challenge and in 2000, decided to plant their first vineyard at La Tour Melas.  At an altitude of 300m, the property is surrounded by ancient,...

5 Generations in the Village of Valreas – Domaine Grande Bellane

A Family Story: 5 Generations of Winegrowers since 1919 The adventure began in 1919, when, on their return from the war, Raoul Couston and his father decided to turn the family broom-making workshop into a winemaking cellar. At the very beginning, they had to build...

Chateau Pajzos and Tokaji, the National Treasure of Hungary

Tokaji Wine, The National Treasure of Hungary for Centuries Home of the legendary Aszú white wines, the Tokaj wine region is located in northeastern Hungary. Named after the town of Tokaj, the region’s former commercial centre, it is a relatively small wine region of...

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