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A Nature Reserve in the Vineyards – Geyerhof

Geyerhof Austria, Kremstal "Farming is more than just making a profit. As farm managers, we have a very special responsibility towards the maintenance of our centuries-old cultural asset, which has also become an incredibly valuable natural asset, not least thanks to...

The Rebirth of Garnachas

What’s not to love about Grenache, the versatile European grape variety that has been able to adapt to so many different terroirs, vinification techniques and winemaking styles? Whether you call it Grenache or Garnacha, this ever-more-popular grape is more than a...

New (and Uncommon) Grapes in Town!

Cabernet….Chardonnay…. There’s a reason these tried and true varietals are the most popular in the world.  The distinctiveness of grape varieties and geography can offer something different on the palate each time. At TWDC, we find it thrilling how winemakers are...

1st Growth Wine in Greece – La Tour Melas

La Tour Melas Central Greece, Achinos "We bet that we could produce a 1st growth wine in Greece." The winery took up the challenge and in 2000, decided to plant their first vineyard at La Tour Melas.  At an altitude of 300m, the property is surrounded by ancient,...

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