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Aren’t all wines vegan?

What are Vegan Wines? Defining Vegan wines is quite simple - They are basically wines without the use of any animal or meat products. We all know wines are made from fermented grape juice. Yeasts then convert the grape juice sugars into alcohol. These seem to be...

New in Town: Proyecto Garnachas

Tribute to an Underdiscovered Variety Proyecto Garnachas | Spain, Various Regions The 'Proyecto Garnachas' is a journey through the history of Garnacha through the eyes of Raul Acha, our winemaker and passionate advocate of a variety that has historically been...

Curatolo Arini – The Oldest Family-Owned Producer of Marsala Wine

The Oldest Family-Owned Producer of Marsala Wine Curatolo Arini | Italy, Sicily In 1875 Bizet premiered his Carmen at the Opera Comique in Paris. That same year Vito Curatolo decided to build a winery in the middle of his vineyards in Marsala. After 5 generations...

Winery Stories – La Kiuva

Only 6,000 Cases Produced Each year La Kiuva | Italy, Valle d’Aosta Founded in the second half of the 1970s, La Kiuva (lah kee-OO-vah) is a cooperative winery with 50 grower members located in the heart of the Aosta Valley. The word Kiuva is local dialect for a “sheaf...

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