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with a focus on good winemaking, varietal integrity and passion.

Claus Preisinger – Walking on the Wild Side

A surfer at heart, Claus Preisinger has been making wine on the north shore of Lake Neusiedl in the Burgenland town of Gols since 2002. His story started 20 years ago at the tender age of 20, with just a few tanks and barrels. Today, he has completely revolutionized...

The Charm of Grower Champagnes

When it comes to Champagne, most people think of the iconic Champagne houses that have dominated the market for centuries. However, there is a fascinating world of artisanal delight waiting to be explored: Grower Champagne. These hidden gems, crafted by individual...

Chateau Favray – Pouilly-Fumé’s Pride

It’s the 1980s. The Fumé grape, as it’s called locally, and known to the world as the Sauvignon Blanc, settles in and spreads out over the Saint Andelain hill overlooking the Nohain river as it flows towards the Loire. Thanks to Quentin David, the father, Pouilly...

Monoculture vs Polyculture with Aleš Kristančič of Movia

Monoculture is the planting and cultivation of one single crop over a large swath of farmland. Polyculture is farming where many crops are planted side-by-side or even together to increase biodiversity and subsequently foster sustainability. It also turns out that...

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