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Monoculture vs Polyculture with Aleš Kristančič of Movia

Monoculture is the planting and cultivation of one single crop over a large swath of farmland. Polyculture is farming where many crops are planted side-by-side or even together to increase biodiversity and subsequently foster sustainability. It also turns out that...

Mitchelton – One of Australia’s Oldest and Most Pronounced Wineries

Mitchelton Australia, Victoria One of the oldest wineries in Australia with a history spanning 180 years, Mitchelton has travelled a long distance with the baton of wine-making being passed on from one generation to another. In fact, the winery today is what we call a...

Anatolikos – The Revival of Great Greek Grapes

Anatolikos Vineyards, in the northernmost coastal vineyard of Greece, and the Nikolaidis brothers, in particular, are responsible for the revival of the great variety of the region, Mavroudi. With great devotion towards organic farming, they have consistently created...

Old Vines, Old Style and a Family Legacy – Ca’ Dei Zago

Christian Zago is the fifth generation to run Ca’ dei Zago, a small estate in the hills near Valdobbiadene. They farm their 16 acres of vines according to biodynamic methods, and make just two wines. Christian (below) is often referred to as the face of the “new wave”...

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