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All our wines are chosen for their quality, provenance and drinkability.
We are focused on good wine making, varietal integrity and passion.

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The Wine Distribution Co was started by a group of wine professionals with a vision to bring great drinking wines from family-owned vineyards, young winemakers and established estates to Singapore’s food and beverage scene.


All our wines are chosen for their quality, provenance and drinkability with a focus on good winemaking, varietal integrity and passion.

The First Pour

Winery Stories – Zephyr

Everywhere he goes, he turns a winery into a worldwide phenomenon – that’s Ben Glover.

When it comes to professional wine people, Ben Glover is about as top-of-the-tree as it gets. And Zephyr began, focusing on a range of single vineyard wines that are made in Ben’s trademark expressive style, elegant with personality. 

The Legend of Montalcino – Ridolfi

The Stem from an ancient Tuscan lineage Ridolfi | Italy, Tuscany - Montalcino In a land of ancient civilizations – full of art, history, and a landscape characterized by oaks, chestnut trees, olive trees, pines, vineyards, among hills dotted with cypresses – lies the...

New in Town – Clos Triguedina Single Vineyard Trilogy

Three Single Vineyard Wines, three Malbecs, three terraces, three different terroirs of Cahors. The Trilogy showcases carefully chosen plots being worked separately to yield wines which would faithfully reflect the vine’s history, soil, climate, exposure and ecosystem. 

Winery Stories – Casa E. di. Mirafiore

The origin of the Mirafiore winery is a love story between the first King of Italy Vittorio Emanuele II and the peasant Rosa Vercellana at the heart of the Barolo area. The Estate had been donated by the King himself to his illegitimate son Emanuele di Mirafiore. Production at Mirafiore started in 1878, and the winery soon became an important name on the international wine market.

Why Us?

Years of experience, months of research and lots of wine tasting have led us to our first portfolio – a concise expression of what we feel represents regionality, terroir and a fantastic line up of wines.

Working With Wineries

We are proud to work with our wineries and winemakers – each one has a unique story and all of them are a showcase of nature, excellent viniculture and wine making skill.

Our Team

Our Team is ready to serve our clients and support them. TWDC is a trade “on premise only” distributor and our wines will be featured in hotels, restaurants, bars and in premium retailers across the island.

Our Commitment to You

We’re the new kids on the block shaking up the market with a fresh approach, but we are well-resourced and driven to create the best wine distribution company in Singapore.

We are committed to service, integrity and providing a focused concise wine offering that is backed up by support, training and flexibility to meet our client’s needs.

We are in the business of supplying you with wine, we want you to succeed, we want you to sell more wine, we are The Wine Distribution Co.

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