Scarpa Tacco Dodici Moscato d’Asti DOCG 2022

Type: Sparkling Wine / Sweet Wine
Country: Italy
Region: Piemonte
Grape Variety: 100% Moscato Bianco
Viticulture: Organic Farming

Climate: Dry and sunny climate, caressed by the winds from Liguria
Terroir: Grapes from several separate plots with mainly clayey and sandy soils
Ageing: The grapes were hand-picked in late August. After the initial pressing of the grapes, static clarification was carried out with the conservation of the must in cold storage at 0 degrees. Fermentation at a temperature of 15 degrees took place in autoclaves while subsequent ageing lasted 40 days, also in autoclaves, before being bottled

Color: Pale straw yellow
Nose: Aromas of yellow peach, sage, elderflower and lavender
Palate: Full mouthfeel, sweetness well balanced by lively acidity

About the Winery:
The Scarpa winery, founded in 1854 at the behest of the Venetian migrant Antonio Scarpa, covers part of the history of wine-growing Piedmont, in particular of Monferrato. The long fil rouge of the company, however, is linked to a production philosophy rather than to its territory, thanks to the intervention of Mario Pesce, a winemaker from Nizza.

At Scarpa, red wine is the king, born in the footsteps of the ancient knowledge of Burgundy. Trained in Burgundy, Mario began his viticultural journey by honing his craft in important fundamentals such as low production yields, long macerations and fermentations, refinements in large wooden barrels and the art of long bottle ageing. And this was naturally translated into his work in Monferrato.

The modern Scarpa winery is credited to Mario who transformed a small wine cellar and converted it into a world-renowned winery with state-of-the-art facilities. Respect for the land, relentless pursuit of quality, and patient bottle ageing make Scarpa what it is today.