Mifuku Sanrensei Junmaidaiginjo Kanjukunamagenshu

Type: Sake
Country: Japan
Region: Shiga
Rice: Wataribunerokugo locally grown by contract
Alcohol Percentage: 17%

Designation: Junmai Ginjo
Polishing Ratio: 50%
Yeast Variety: No. 1801 + kkk-9 (Shiga original yeast)
Style: Rustic
Tasting Notes:
Carefully aged in cold storage in its unpasteurised form for one year to develop depth and texture. Mature, round and silky while still maintaining an unpasteurised freshness

About the Brewery:
Established in 1917, with over 100 years of sake brewing under the same roof, Mifuku Shuzo, having spanned over 3 generations, represents the true character of Shiga-made sake.  The Koka region is a valley surrounded by hills and mountains making it an ideal terrain for rice cultivation.  The diurnal range of cold nights and warm and sunny days provides the perfect climate for the Shiga varieties of sake rice favoured by the local sake brewers.

The town of Minakuchi where the Mifuku brewery lies, was a Post Town during the Edo period, a place that travellers would pass through on their journey to and from the capital. These towns were always situated within beautiful landscapes blessed with pristine natural spring water sources; thus, they were also ideal locations for sake breweries throughout history.  Such breweries quenched the thirst of the travellers as they passed through.

Sanrensei was conceptualized by the current brewery president Noriyuki Fujii, third-generation brewery president of his family line, to represent 3 generations of sake brewing.  Three separate Shiga-grown rice varieties represent the lineage of the grain, from the grandfather Wataribune Rokugo (once flourished in the region before being overtaken by newer and easier-to-grow varieties) to the father Yamadanishiki (a grain developed from Yamadaho- the mother and Wataribune- the father) and the son, Ginfubuki (a cross between Yamadanishiki and Tamasakae).

Each spawned from the last through crossing and selection.  The Sanrensei series provides rich umami and acidity at the core, each an expression of the unique nature of the respective rice grain.

The traditional brand Mifuku, is dedicated to the Yamahai brewing method.  The style is deep, rich and characteristically Shiga.  Traditionally sake was made with the style of local cuisine in mind.  Shiga is known for its hearty, salty and often pungent flavours of fermentation which form the backbone of the local diet.  Being landlocked, the site of the large Lake Biwa, home to the famous local delicacy Funazushi, a rice-fermented lake fish, the sake required the power to match the strong flavours and aromas of some of the local treats.  The brand Mifuku stays true to the rich style of Shiga sake and is a great companion to fermented flavours from around the world.