Markowitsch Göttlesbrunn Weiss 2019

Type: White
Country: Austria
Region: Carnuntum
Grape Variety: Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc

Climate: Continental, with warm, dry summers
Terroir: Vineyard are grown on primary soils that are loam, loess and gravel. The vines here dig their roots deep into the gravel soil
Winemaking: After the grape harvest, the grapes are taken to the press house as quickly as possible. Here they are selected and carefully ground. Fermentation then takes place at controlled temperatures

Color: Light yellow
Nose: Aromas of black cherries, plums, Nashi pear and quince
Palate: Crispy and velvety texture with concise fruit acidity, and freshness on the palate

About the Winery:
Wine is a great commonality in the Markowitsch family. The knowledge of wine and the art of shaping and maturing it, as well as the passion for this ancient craft. Even as children, both daughters of the house were allowed to look after five vines each, which they nurtured and cared for. From them, they learned how their parents experienced their daily work and that it takes more than two hands to manage a vineyard.

Markowitsch is a family winery through and through – convinced of what they do, uncompromising and also a little purist. The grapes come exclusively from our own vineyards. This ensures the freedom to shape the wines the way they love them: clear, elegant and timelessly valid.

“What makes my job so special and rewarding is the daily immersion in nature. Deadlines and hectic pace lose their effect when I make my way through the rows of vines.” Gerhard Markowitsch