Kitajima En Kimoto Organic Shiga Asahi 80% Nama

Type: Sake
Country: Japan
Region: Shiga
Rice: Organic Shiga Asahi from local farmers
Alcohol Percentage: 17%

Designation: Junmai
Polishing Ratio: 80%
Yeast Variety: No cultivated yeast added
Style: Progressive
Tasting Notes:
An ode to old brewing traditions and the terroir of Shiga. The combination of revived organically grown Shiga Asahi rice, ambient yeast and the Kimoto method results in a lovely, round and full-bodied sake with a lusciously smooth texture

About the Brewery:
First established in 1805, Kitajima Shuzo has been brewing sake for well over 200 years. Originally named MIYOSAKAE, taken from a quote in the oldest anthology of Japanese poetry, the “Man-Yo-Shu”— Telling the tale of the prosperous reign of an emperor symbolized in the beautiful golden flowers blooming in eastern Mount Michinoku. The MIYOSAKAE brand is beloved by the local community as Shiga’s premium sake for its elegant and gentle flavours.

Seeking something more unique, rooted in the region in its rustic style with an adventurous spirit,  the KITAJIMA brand was established in 2002. Kitajima is based on 4 concepts of brewing fundamentals and it is a brand for seasoned sake drinkers and sake specialists.  It is created with the 4 following concepts in mind -「all Kimoto」「Full Fermentation」「Maturation」 and「Warmth」

Although the trend for many decades has been to favour the light and delicate versions of the rice beverage, with the global demand for sake and the introduction of a wide range of foods and flavours into the domestic diet, a growing market for fuller, richer and more robust versions of sake, often more historical forms of sake, has grown.

Kitajima sake is made with the goal of being the ideal partner for a wide range of cuisine and flavours. The Kimoto brewing method, also known as the ‘origin of sake’, is a product of unsparing effort and time, made by utilising the naturally occurring lactic acid essential to a successful fermentation. Experience and knowledge developed through the exploration of Kimoto give Kitajima sake its depth and complexity, possessing a range of experiences in just one sip, dry yet mellow or sweet yet finishing rather crisp.

Kitajima sakes can be enjoyed both as a chilled refreshing glass or gently warmed, to accompany your varied meals, comfort you on a rainy day or refresh you on a sweltering evening, Kitajima strives to be your go-to sake.