Weingut Meyer Nakel Blauschiefer Spatburgunder 2019

Type: Red
Country: Germany
Region: Ahr Valley
Grape Variety: 100 % Pinot Noir
Alcohol Percentage: 13.5%

Climate: Mild climate with ideal conditions for vinegrowing
Terroir: An incredibly precious wine from the Ahr where the Pinot Noir is grown on Blue Slate (Blauschiefer), creating a mineral wine with the complexity of a great Burgundy. The vineyard parcel is on an extreme steep slope, where laborious manual work is unavoidable – which makes this wine the darling of German wines. The steep south-facing vineyard slopes are perfectly angled towards the sun. The soil warms up easily and are able to store heat creating the ideal condition for grapes to grow
Ageing: Fully ripeness of grapes and hand picking. Yield about 40-45 hl/ha. Gentle treatment of the crop. Crushed must fermentation and maceration for about 20 days. Matured in French oak barrels for 11 months

Color: Bright ruby red
Nose: Floral aroma with slight roast notes
Palate: The stony soil creates a mineral wine with a smoky aroma of red fruits like blackberry, red current and dark cherry. Good length on the finish with elegant and smooth tannins

About the Winery:
The name of the wine estate goes back to the marriage of grandparents Paula Meyer and Willibald Näkel in 1950. They cultivated an area of just 1.5 hectares, yet were able to make a name for themselves because Willibald’s production of dry red wines represented thoroughly pioneering work at the time.  The Ahr is situated just north of 50˚ latitude, which most people consider to be the boundary for viticulture.

Like many wineries in the Ahr, Meyer-Näkel focuses mainly on Pinot Noir (or as it’s known locally, Spätburgunder). The secret lies in an ideal micro climate found in the Ahr due to special geological conditions. The steep south-facing vineyard slopes are perfectly angled towards the sun, providing additional warmth and sun exposure in one of Germany’s most northerly winegrowing regions. The soil formed from weathered slate and Greywacke warm up easily and are able to store heat. Hence, the grapes grow in an ideal biotope of the narrow Ahr valley that is protected by the Eifel Hills. The unique microclimate is reflected in Meyer-Näkel’s red wines – fruitiness and full body in the foreground, and a slight herbaceousness and minerality on the palate.

Today, the winery is run by 3rd generation Meike and Dörte (with their parents Werner and Claudia Näkel), who have embraced their family’s passion and skill for winemaking, with a fresh take on the River Ahr, Slate and Pinot Noir…