Tanakaya Mizuo Junmai Daiginjo

Type: Sake
Country: Japan
Region: Nagano
Rice: Kinmonishiki grown in Kijimadaira Village, Nagano
Alcohol Percentage: 16%

Designation: Junmai Daiginjo
Polishing Ratio: 39%
Yeast Variety: No. 7
Style: Classic
Tasting Notes:
With enticing aromas reminiscent of the core ingredient, rice, this sake has a full umami on the palate which is enhanced by a slight effervescence due to one flash pasteurisation in the bottle

About the Brewery:
Established in 1873, Tanakaya Shuzo has been passed down from generation to generation until now, carrying the family name.

The brewery only made steps to becoming a producer of high-quality sake from the beginning of the 1990s when current president Ryuta Tanaka joined the family business and felt that their true potential wasn’t being met.

He spent his time researching why their Sakes didn’t stand out and concluded that it all stems down to the water source. Water forms the bulk of Sake production and it is crucial to use water with the right mineral content to match the style of Sake a brewer wants. The challenge here was that there weren’t much good water sources near the brewery’s vicinity. Ryuta went in search of the ideal water source to no fruition.

It was until one day, when a brewery crew commented on how delicious his tea brewed with water served at a local liquor store, that they made a breakthrough. Upon investigation, Ryuta found out that the water was derived from a well, collecting spring water from the towering Mt Mizuo. This water was particularly soft and sweet on the palate. Despite the whisperings of disapproval, he went ahead with sourcing his brewing water from the well, which was located 15 kilometres away from the brewery. The resulting Sake, combined with Kinmonnishiki and Hitogogochi rice, was magnificent and what makes Tanakaya Shuzo the esteemed Sake brewery it is today.

Production here is small, at just 800 koku, and the brewery is dedicated to quality over quantity. Rich umami, silky textures, and round sweetness are all attributes of each and every Mizuo sake. A true Nagano Regional brew, expressing all the tasty goodness derived from the natural beauty of the area.