Sakagura Daishinsyu Teippai

Type: Sake
Country: Japan
Region: Nagano
Rice: Kinmonnishiki grown by a collective of local partner farmers
Alcohol Percentage: 16%

Designation: Not Specified
Polishing Ratio: Undisclosed
Yeast Variety: Undisclosed
Style: Classic
Tasting Notes:
Full-flavoured and balanced showcasing the essence of expertly grown, in-house polished Kinmonnishiki rice. Acidity is kept low for a soft and round texture

About the Brewery:
Settled in the rural mountainous area of Matsumoto City in Nagano, Daishinsyu has a brewing history that began in 1880. Famously known as the site of the 1998 Winter Olympics, Matsumoto is surrounded by the Japanese Alps which provides pristine natural spring water from snow melt. The winters are cold which allows for slow and controlled fermentation whilst its hot summers are ideal for rice cultivation.

The brewing philosophy of Daishinsyu has developed into something akin to a religion.  Respect for rice, nature and the dedicated farmer, are all key themes at the heart of their operation.  Having learned that without a strong bond with the rice farmers, there would be no way to elevate the quality of the sake, Daishinsyu made a commitment to forming a collective of local farmers with whom they would work exclusively and very intimately.  This commitment comes in the form of two areas of focus, first to source the rice from a tightly knit group of local rice farmers by contract which maintains a deep connection between brewers and farmers while heavily supporting the local community, economy and environment.  Second, in its efforts to maintain the integrity of the raw ingredients, Daishinsyu does all of its milling in-house.  This is a rare example for sake brewers today who generally have their rice milled externally.

A strong emphasis is placed on brewing by hand at Daishinsyu.  Although the brewing facility was recently updated with new equipment, the design maintains that each step requires a human touch and intervention. With each step, a dance between man and microbe, Daishinsyu believes in listening carefully to the living microbes of fermentation in order to collaborate with nature to create something delicious and outstanding.

Telling the story of how Daishinsyu became an iconic brand cannot be done without naming Oya-sa, the previous Toji (Master brewer) who retired at the ripe age of 91 after a brewing career of 75 years.

Having started his sake brewing career at 16, his long journey to discover all of the intricacies of fermentation became his goal to create something that had a uniquely Daishinsyu signature. Through his dedication to the integrity of the rice and his endless pursuit to understand each minute detail of brewing, he created the identity of the brand and solidified the methods which would sustain well beyond his career.    Like the Yoda of the Daishinsyu sake brewery, Oya-sa’s spirit lingers in every movement made by the brewers today.