Purus Organic Alcohol Free Blanc de Blancs

Type: Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine
Country: England
Grape Variety: 100% Chardonnay
Alcohol Percentage: 0%
Viticulture: Certified Organic | Vegan Friendly | Alcohol Free

Ageing: After the traditional winemaking in stainless-steel vats the de-alcoholisation process is done by vacuum distillation

Color: Bright gold with fine effervescence
Nose: Subtle fruity aromatics on the nose with harmonious notes of apple
Palate: Dry on the palate with a hint of sweetness to finish. Delicate and fine bubbles accompanying crisp notes of apple

About the Winery:
Purus was created by passionate wine lovers Jean-Charles Dekandelaer and Constantin Denis with the intention of providing quality, organic produce in accordance with modern values of sustainability, transparency, community and health consciousness.

Made with 100% organic Chardonnay grapes, the Purus Blanc de Blancs is produced by first allowing for the alcoholic fermentation and setting of the juice and then de-alcoholised by vacuum distillation – giving a vegan-friendly, alcohol-free, low-calorie sparkling Chardonnay that displays a delightful dryness with slight sweetness and notes of crisp apples on the finish.

The Purus Blanc de Blancs also won a Silver Medal at the 2022 Paris Wine Cup, whilst competing against alcoholic wines!