Nittnaus Comondor 2017

Type: Red
Country: Austria
Region: Burgenland
Grape Variety: Merlot, Blaufrankisch
Viticulture: Biodynamic | Certified Organic

Climate: Hot, continental Pannonian climate
Terroir: The grapes come from the Golser vineyards, with a little more loam and clay
Winemaking: Spontaneously fermented and aged in small wooden barrels

Color: Dense violet red, black in the core
Nose: Powerful and ripe with notes of black cherry, blackberry, smokiness, some eucalyptus and dark chocolate, balsamic and a hint of ash, becoming more and more intense and gaining insane complexity
Palate: Almost a bit soft on the palate at the beginning, a lot of crumbly and fine-leaved tannin, again some dark chocolate, plum peel, roasted notes, deep and black, a little air then it gets even more gripping, a crumbly monster, velvety claws at the palate

About the Winery:
Anita and Hans, the proprietors of a winery situated in the Neusiedlersee region of Burgenland, are known for their expertise in producing Red and Sweet wines, which are highly regarded in Austria. Their approach is distinct and straightforward: they prioritize crafting wines that reflect the unique characteristics of the terroir, exhibiting authenticity and a distinctive character, as opposed to emphasizing oak flavours and high alcohol content. Since 2007, Anita and Hans have embraced biodynamic cultivation methods, further enhancing the quality of their wines.