Macchion dei Lupi Esperienze Cabernet Sangiovese 2015

Type: Red
Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Grape Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese
Viticulture: Biodynamic | Certified Organic

Climate: Mediterranean, with mild, rainy winters and warmer, dry summers
Terroir: Vines grow on sandy, clayey, rich in minerals and lava rock. Vineyards is 300m above sea level
Winemaking: Maceration and fermentation with indigenous yeasts at an uncontrolled temperature in open barrels. No SO2 is used on the grapes or in the must. Daily manual pumping over and punching down. Malolactic fermentation in truncated cone vats. No clarification, no filtration. Total So2 40 mg/l. Refined 24 months in barrique and 25 hl barrel

Color: Intense ruby red
Nose: Aroma of balsamic herbs, Mediterranean spices and ripe fruits
Palate: Energic, warm, full-bodied and persistent taste

About the Winery:
In 2003, Carlo purchased and planted 2ha of land in the hills of the Tuscan Maremma near the medieval town of Surreveto. His dream began in 2005 with his winery Macchion dei Lupi where he works with and manually harvests a beautiful land of extreme soil types and slopes.

Today, he farms 4.5ha of vines and olive trees that are certified organic and follow biodynamic principles. Carlo grows Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ansonica, and Trebbiano. There are 2 types of soils; sandy and volcanic rocks and schist which translates to very aromatic wines and saline. Harvest is done manually.

The vinifications are all done with indigenous yeasts and the wines are never fined or filtered. Only a small amount of SO2 is added at bottling.  Total production is on average 20,000 bottles.