Guerila Castra Rose 2019

Type: Sparkling
Country: Slovenia
Region: Vipava Valley
Grape Variety: Merlot, Cabarnet Sauvignon
Viticulture: Natural Wine Producer | Biodynamic | Certified Organic

Climate: Sub-Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters
Winemaking: Manual harvesting of biodynamically grown grapes. Short maceration, pressing and decanting of must. Spontaneous fermentation and malolactic. Second fermentation in the bottle with addition of frozen must from the same fermentation instead of yeast. Maturation in bottle on own sediment. No addition of liqueur and sulphur at disgorgement

Color: Cherry red
Nose: Aromas of strawberry, blackcurrant and cherry aroma, characteristic of the varieties that were used
Palate: Dry and full on the palate, very fruity, fresh and smooth

About the Winery:
Founded in 1954 by Josef Petric, this small family winery is located in Planina in the heart of the wine-growing region of the Vipava Valley. Fervent ecologist, Jozef has followed since the beginning a sustainable agricultural approach. In 1956, the winery received an important recognition for having saved and valued the indigenous Pinela.

In 2005, his son Zmago took the reins of the company and he baptized it “Guerila”. “I wanted a provocative” name says Zmago. The message is clear: this is a rebellion against the abandonment of local varieties in favour of more productive, commercial varieties by many producers.

The soil is a mixture of sand, sandstone, marl, limestone and clay from the Eocene Epoch. The decomposition of marl results in clay particles rich in mineral substances. This gives rise to the so-called flysch, locally called Ponca.

The vineyards are spread over 10 hectares on terraces of the meridional slopes of the Vipvska Brda hills, flirting dangerously with the Karst region. This very attractive southern position coupled with an altitude varying between 300 and 400 meters – some of the highest in the region – allows for good exposure to wind, high diurnal temperature fluctuations, and optimal exposure to the sun. All the vineyards are terraced and the single Guyot cultivation method is used in all of them. When pruning, no excessive cuts are made, thus enabling the flow of internal juices in the vines and preserving their vitality. Yields are particularly low: 1.5kg/vine.

The dry climate coupled with exceptional windiness – the Bora winds coming from the Vipacco – favours the ecological approach of Guerila wines. In fact, Guerila Wines has been certified Organic since 2008 and Biodynamic since 2012. The biodynamic preparations are all produced internally using the local pure spring water. Guerila opted for the biodynamic approach to “spread the microflora, connect the plants with cosmic forces and boost their immunity”.

“By increasing organic matter and spraying with a combination of horn manure and flint, we simultaneously introduce vital energy. By using compost and green manure, we take care of the soil revitalization and biodiversity, which is a prerequisite for the health and harmony of the vineyard.”