Good Intentions Artesian Lava Barrel Aged Riesling 2021

Type: Orange Wine
Country: Australia
Region: Mount Gambier
Grape Variety: 100% Riesling
Alcohol Percentage: 11.5%
Viticulture: Natural Wine | Biodynamic | Certified Organic

Climate: Temperate maritime climate, one of the coolest regions in South Australia
Terroir: All grapes come from the Coola vineyard in Kongorong, Mount Gambier on limestone and flint rock. The vineyard is conventionally farmed with swings towards more sustainable growing in the future
Winemaking: The grapes were thrown into tanks and carbonic macerated for a week before being foot stomped and sealer for three months. Once pressed, barrels were kept untopped for 9 months before bottling

Color: Amber
Nose: Floral nose with hints of honey
Palate: Full of bruised stone fruit characters, ripe pineapple, lengthy tannins and huge amounts of structure and complexity but still with the mineral driven edge and acidity from the Mount Gambier soils

About the Winery:
Andrew (farmer) and Louise (Musician) Burchell are a husband and wife team who moved back to Mount Gambier (Andrew’s childhood town) to start a family and a wine label. They wanted to grip the earth with their toes and use their knowledge of organic farming and permaculture to create their very own wine label. Creating a sense of community was a deep part of this plan, a place to call home and where they could raise their daughter Frankie around homegrown food, great music and a love and appreciation for the land.

They lease three vineyards and are planning the planting of two more on their farm, which is located on the outskirts of Mt Gambier, SA. The property and all of the leased vineyards are located on the south side of one of Australia’s youngest volcanoes. Erupting less than 6000 years ago it is filled with water that changes colour with the seasons. Arising from an ancient inland sea made into limestone and now receiving water from underground caves added with our generous rainfall all contribute to the abundance of water stored in underground limestone caves with pockets of flint rock spread below the nearby soils. The limestone filters the water naturally and the result is pure water thriving with minerality. All this helps make for incredible soil complexity and their cool climate makes for perfect growing conditions and in turn beautiful, elegant and totally unique wines like no other.

They make wines that reflect the eccentricities of their own personalities as well as deeply reflecting place and terroir with a minimalistic approach. They use old-world wine methods; preferring the challenges of hand-picking fruit, open fermenting with indigenous yeast and only adding sulphur when required by the wine. They do not filter or fine wines and they are all bottled on-site in their small winery.

Mount Gambier is a truly unique wine-growing region and one that over the next few years is likely to grow in understanding and popularity. Over the last few years, these wines have gone from strength to strength as cuvees have tightened and become more precise. We are very excited to share these wines with you as we welcome Andrew, Louise & Frankie to our Lo-fi family.