Enzo Boglietti Barolo Boiolo 2013 / 2016

Type: Red
Country: Italy
Region: Piemonte
Grape Variety: 100% Nebbiolo

Climate: Continental climate with hot, humid summers leading to cold winters and precipitation year-round
Terroir: Vineyard is exposed from east to southeast and has an altitude of 300m to 350m. The vines, planted in 2002 from a massal selection, grow on silty clay soil, sub-alkaline, with very little organic matter
Winemaking: 20 days fermentation at controlled temperature, plunged and pumped over daily. 2 years in barriques, 30% new, 70% used, then racked to a stainless steel tank for 10 months before bottling

Color: Bright ruby
Nose: Well-defined aromatics of red fruit, dried rose and sweet spice
Palate: A remarkable texture both velvety and sinewy with a fine and long aftertaste

About the Winery:
Enzo Boglietti seems destined to be adorned with epithets such as ‘rock star,’ ‘rising star’ and ‘new wave’, however, these monikers tend to distract from the fact that Enzo, his brother Gianni and their father Renato are long-term growers and firm believers that hard work in the vineyard and attention to detail, not fashion, is what makes great wine.

In 1991, Enzo decided to make wine from the 2.5-hectare family vineyard with fruit the family had previously been selling. 1991 is perhaps not the most auspicious of vintages, but it was nonetheless the first step towards cementing the Boglietti name in the first ranks of modern Barolo producers. Today, they have 21 hectares of vines, and, as of 2006, a new purpose-built winery.

With vines in the hallowed sites of Brunate, Case Nere, Fossati and Arione, Boglietti certainly stands as a significant Barolo producer, but they are also regarded as one of the finest producers of Barbera, both cru and normale.

Mining the rich vein between the traditional and the modern, the Bogliettis produce profound and authentic wine, a testament to both their dedication and their respectful curiosity.