Curatolo Arini Marsala Fine DOC Semi Sweet N.V.

Type: Fortified Wine
Country: Italy
Region: Sicily
Grape Variety: Inzolia, Cataratto, Grillo
Alcohol Percentage: 17%
Viticulture: Organic Farming

Climate: Blessed with consistently bright sunshine and reliably moderate rainfall, Sicily’s classic Mediterranean climate is ideally suited to the production of wine grapes. The warm, dry climate means that mildews and rots are kept to a minimum, particularly in well-ventilated areas that benefit from coastal breezes
Terroir: Vineyards are located in the coastal area of Marsala
Ageing: Soft press and slow fermentation at controlled temperatures of 20-25°C. The base wine is of a more or less intense straw colour, with a 15% alcohol content and a minimum residual sugar level of 20g/l. Alcohol, Mistella (fresh grape must with added alcohol) and Mosto Cotto (concentrated fresh grape must which is traditionally “cooked” until it reduces to a third of its original volume) are then added to the base wine, thus giving it respectively its final alcohol content, the desired sugar level and the traditional flavour. Aged for over 2 years (minimum 1 by law) in Slavonian oak barrels of 500 hl

Color: Rich amber colour
Nose: Perfumed with fruits and a hint of vanilla
Palate: Typical Marsala character, firm and aromatic with dried fruits, almonds, soft liquorice and oak notes

About the Winery:
This estate is the oldest family-owned Marsala producer in Sicily today. It was founded in 1875 by Vito Curatolo Arini, who added Arini, his mother’s family name, in order to distinguish himself from the many other Curatolos living in his area. The estate has always been linked to high-quality Marsala production and in the late 1970s also started producing still wines from native grapes. The new range of wines under the Curatolo Arini label showcases a great expression of native Sicilian varieties. Light wines from local grapes Grillo, Inzolia, and Cataratto are fortified with white grape spirits in the traditional way and are then cask aged. Made in the traditional way, the Marsala Fine is dry in style and has all the characteristics of good Marsala with notes of toasted almonds, citrus and caramel.

Winemaker Alberto Antonini has also been recently named by Decanter Magazine as one of the ‘Top 5 winemakers in the world’.