Clos Triguedina The New Black Wine 2014

Type: Red
Country: France
Region: South West, Cahors
Grape Variety: 100% Malbec
Alcohol Percentage: 14%
Viticulture: Organic Farming
Rating: 95 Wine Enthusiast Points (2013)

Climate: Mainly influenced by the Atlantic ocean, with hot summers and wet winters
Terroir: A selected parcel on the 3rd terrace, clayey-siliceous and clayey-calcareous soil on gentle slopes
Ageing: Environmentally friendly and traditional methods of working on the vines. Hand-picked, the ripe grapes are laid on trays, and then gently heated overnight in a prune oven. The resulting grapes are slightly desiccated and even more concentrated with unique flavours. Traditional fermentation with ageing carried out in French oak casks for 12 months

Color: Dark ruby red
Nose: Opulent nose on dried fruit aromas, concentrated and chewy black fruits and prunes
Palate: This New Black Wine shows great complexity with an astonishing variety of flavours and silky tannins

About the Winery:
Clos Triguedina has been the cradle of the Baldès family since 1830. The place has a long history rich in the lives of men and women. Pilgrims on the Santiago di Compostella route would often stop there to eat (me trigo de dina in the Occitan language of southwest France means “I am looking forward to dinner”). The Baldès family have, for their part, built up Clos Triguedina by passing on their knowledge, determination, and passion from father to son. Their pioneering spirit has led them to be one of the founding families of the Cahors wine region.