Bolney Wine Estate Lychgate Rose 2020

Type: Rose
Country: England
Region: Sussex
Grape Variety: 75% Pinot Noir, 20% Dornfelder, 5% Muller Thargau
Alcohol Percentage: 12%

Climate: Maritime climate, one of the sunniest and warmest areas of England
Ageing: Fruit was crush-destemmed for maceration and colour extraction in the press. Cool fermentation took place for around 14 days with yeasts selected to accentuate ester and red fruit character

Color: Beautiful coral pink
Nose: Aromas of strawberry, raspberry, red fruit and rose petals
Palate: Refreshing palate of red fruits, strawberries and cream

About the Winery:
Rodney and Janet Pratt were pioneers of their time and all that Bolney is today is a testament to their grit and determination to go against the grain to fulfil their vision. Rodney, a chemical engineer who continued his professional career in the rubber industry alongside his vine growing, describes how he came to discover his passion for winemaking during placement at Gutenberg University, ‘We spent most of our six months in the vineyards of Louis Guntrum. He was the person who showed us all, there was a difference between Niersteiner Domtal, Liebfraumilch and Mateus rosé and real wine.’

Back on British soil, Rodney had a vision. “I had this marvellous idea – let’s go and find somewhere to live that’s got a few acres of ground and we can plant a vineyard, and I shall retire at 45.” With Janet’s support, they purchased a run-down smallholding, on the outskirts of the village of Bolney, north-west of Burgess Hill – and over 50 years transformed the Estate into what it is today.

Their dedication to the ethos ‘Guided by nature since 1972′ has helped this winery rise to become known as the pioneers of English wine whilst being awarded the UK Wine Producer of the Year in 2012.