Bodegas Matsu El Recio 2021

Type: Red
Country: Spain
Region: Toro
Grape Variety: 100% Tempranillo
Alcohol Percentage: 14.5%
Viticulture: Biodynamic | Certified Organic

Climate: The climate in this area is a continental climate with an Atlantic influence. It is dry, with many hours of sun, and very cold in winter. It is an area that experiences extreme temperature changes, reaching 11 degrees below zero in winter and 37 degrees in summer. There is also a considerable temperature contrast between night and day, which favours an optimum maturation of the grape. In addition, the annual rainfall is very low, so the risk of diseases appearing is also very low and therefore grapes grow in a perfectly healthy state.
Terroir: Selection of 90 to 100 year old vines of extremely limited production, naturally cultivated following the biodynamic techniques. Manual harvest that is undergone the first 15 days of the month of October
Ageing: Fermentation and maceration for a duration of 3 weeks in reinforced concrete deposits of 15,000 kg. The malolactic fermentation is realized in French oak barrels, as well as its ageing for a duration of 14 months. This wine has not been filtered and is clarified without utilizing aggressive processes

Color: Beautiful dark red robe
Nose: This is a corpulent wine also having a lot of finesse, with an intense nose having notes of chocolate, black fruits and vanilla
Palate: In the mouth the taste is striking, being predominantly round and silky, very unctuous with subtle hints of glycerine. Touches of fruits linger in the after taste as do mineral notes. This is a full-bodied wine yet at the same time very easy to drink

About the Winery:
Matsu is a journey along the passage of time throughout three generations of winemakers. Youth, maturity and old age. A collection that has taken more than a hundred years to be elaborated with grapes from 100-year old vines, the wisdom inherited from generations and the most ancestral techniques.

Bodega Matsu sits in a land where the grape gives everything without asking for anything in return. Thanks to very special climatic conditions and a privileged soil that prevents the appearance of pests and diseases, in the DO Toro vineyards nature is always allowed to complete its own cycles.

The result is three modern wines, made respecting the minimum intervention both in the vineyard and in the cellar. The proof that by combining the power of Tinta de Toro with the gentleness of the land we come from, it is possible to produce an intense but elegant wine.