Andreola Dirupo Brut DOCG NV

Type: Sparkling
Country: Italy
Region: Veneto
Grape Variety: Glera, Bianchetta, Perera

Climate: Interesting interplay of cool air from the Alps and Mediterranean influences
Terroir: The terrain is made up of very different conformations and layers with a variety of minerals, including calcareous marl, sandstone and conglomerate rocks, as well as more mature and deeper soil, such as, for example, Feletto
Winemaking: White soft pressed, controlled temperature flotation and fermentation, Matured in steel for at least 6 months, ‘Charmat method’ second fermentation in large containers, aged 1-3 months

Color: Soft yellow with greenish highlights
Nose: The scents evoke spring blooms such as hawthorn and acacia blossoms, delicate citrus fruit and a hint of fresh fruit (green apples, peaches)
Palate: In the mouth, it is generous and flavourful, energetic, but delicate and rounded

About the Winery:
In the hills of Col San Martino and in the heart of the production area of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, lies the Andreola Winery. Today Stefano Pola runs the 35-hectare Azienda in Farra di Soligo, halfway between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, with the same philosophy as his father Nazareno. Stefano’s passion for viticulture is manifested in his loving care of the vines, in the cellar and in his adherence to traditional production methods. From this impulse, convincing drops emerge, which are responsible for a lot of pleasure in the nose as well as on the palate and thus bring a lot of joy into the glasses of wine lovers worldwide.

The Pola family has dedicated itself above all to the production of high-quality Proseccos, without completely neglecting still wines – and here also less widespread wine types – in its wide assortment. In addition to classic Bordeaux red wines for friends of rather light, palatable wines, numerous varieties of Frizzante are also produced in the winery in Veneto, where research and development are very important. The choice between very clear elaborations and plants distinguished by a fine veil, which has undergone a second fermentation phase on the yeast in the bottle, is difficult. The battery of Azienda Agricola Andreola bottles is still quite large, although it was thinned out a little when the new denomination was introduced. The company’s DOCG labels belong to the top of the range and impressively reflect the cool mineral terroir of the Valdobbiadene district compared to the neighbouring Conegliano region.

The most important grape variety of the wines is of course the Glera grape, which is presented in a variety of ways, taking full advantage of the DOC regulations and the still relatively new regulations for the newly created DOCG. On the slopes of the Col San Martino (Rive-Lage), some of which even have a gradient of up to 45° but also other white grape varieties such as Bianchetta, Perera and the very widespread variety Chardonnay grow in small quantities. Those who enjoy Andreola’s plants will soon realise that, in addition to their freshness, it is the terroir in particular that is decisive. After all, the sparkling drops should not be a copy of sparkling wines from other growing regions or even countries, but rather the finest Prosecco Superiore from the core area of Valdobbiadene