Is Champagne today only about observance to stereotypes, big houses, blending and prestige? No! There is a whole new generation of winemakers that want to show us the other side of Champagne: the terroir champagne. In their eyes, Champagne is not only about bubbles. It is first and foremost a wine.
Champagne Gamet is one such producer that is committed to changing this stereotype. Each exquisite bottle today is born out of a tremendous history which includes the difficult times of World War II; the passion of taking on and challenging bigger, more prestigious brands; and a love story that finally united two important families in this conquest.
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Champagne Gamet

France | Champagne, Marne Valley

The story started with two women, Victoire Garnier (Gamet) from Mardueil and Berthe Heucq from Fleury la Riviere in the 1950s during the post-war period, a time where winemakers were returning back to their land. During this difficult time, they combined their efforts, contributed to the recovery of vineyards and influenced the growth of smaller, boutique winegrowers in Champagne. Their efforts were critical towards the Champagne scene today, challenging the dominance of the main Champagne houses of that time.
Shortly after, Francois Gamet (Victoire’s grandson) and Robert Heucq (Berthe’s grandson) joined in the family’s project. In 1955, with the help of his brothers, Francois Gamet produced his first vintage and announced to his grandmother that he is now ready to take over the family estate.
Both Francois and Robert strived and carried on their grandmothers’ legacy, and in the process, becoming key and influential figures in the development of the Champagne region. 


1992 was the year when both families were finally and officially unified, where Philippe Gamet (Francois’s son, first from right), married Fabienne Heucq (Robert’s daughter, first from left), combining their know-how and heritage to create their own Domaine – Champagne Gamet. Today, they are joined by their children Jean-Francois and Marianne (middle).



Nestled in the Marne Valley, Champagne Gamet’s vineyards are located on each bank of the river La Marne, thanks to the marriage of Philippe and Fabienne. Soils are mainly formed with clay & limestone, offering singular minerality to their grapes. Vines grown at their vineyards are between 25 to 50 years old.
The Champagne House has also paid keen attention towards sustainable viticulture and to the environment. They are certified with the highest level of the HVE (High Environmental Value) certification.


Their Terroir Champagnes


Champagne Gamet Rive Droite Brut NV

Rive Droite (right bank) is a blend of the terroirs of Damery and Fleury-la-Rivière. Damery is located on the edge of the Marne river, while Fleury-la-Rivière is located at the bottom of the Valley, surrounded by the forest. An area well exposed to the sun lights, these terroirs welcome only the Meunier and Pinot Noir. The soils are clay-limestone, sandy and “marneux” (soil type from the valley, sedimentary rock similar to clay-limestone soils). This part of the Valley offers a great diversity but also a great heritage. Today, shells and other fossils are found on the soils of their vines, offering great Champagnes intense salinity. Age of vines is between 25 and 30 years old.
A fresh, fruity Champagne, supported by the roundness of the Meunier and a richness on the palate.


Champagne Gamet Caracteres Extra Brut NV

Caractères – a Champagne of Character, with reference to the Gamet family’s memories. Since 1999, Champagne Gamet has kept these reserve wines on the principle of a Solera method. Wines are vinified and aged in oak barrels, blended with both banks of the Valley where the Meunier takes precedence.
The Caractères Extra Brut offers great complexity and richness. Its old reserve wines are highlighted throughout fine notes of oxidation on the palate, followed by a long freshness brought on by the fresh vintage. Intense on the nose showing floral notes with hints of apricots, plum and vanilla. Complex yet fresh palate with notes of yellow fruits, citrus fruits. The work done with oak barrels bring concentration and reinforce the brilliance of the wine.



Champagne Gamet Rose de Saignee NV

The little baby of the Champagne Gamet. The Rosé de Saignée is produced by the maceration of black grapes for between 24hours to 36hours. Its juice is then allowed to flow by gravity, without any pressing or filtration while in contact with the grapes’ skin. It is then aged for 40 months in stainless steel vats.
100% Meunier, single-vineyard, and vintage, the Rosé de Saignée is only produced in great Millésimé. The ruby-pink Champagne shows a beautiful floral nose with notes of raspberries and cherries. Structured on the palate with fruity notes along with fresh acidity. Very long on the finish.

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