Malat Crazy Creatures Rose 2019

Type: Rose
Country: Austria
Region: Kremstal
Grape Variety: Pinot Noir, Saint Laurent

Climate: Continental Pannonian climate
Terroir: Grapes are grown on loess soil and 200-300 meters above sea level
Winemaking: Grapes are harvested by hand, spontaneously fermented and matured in wooden barrels

Color: Pink
Nose: Herbal notes framing the core of ruby grapefruit and sour cherry
Palate: Spicy, fruity, herbal with crisp acidity

About the Winery:
The Malat Winery, located on the south bank of the Danube River in the Kremstal district of Austria, has been producing exceptional wines since 1722. Ninth-generation winemaker Michael has continued this tradition, taking over the fifty-hectare estate from his pioneering father Gerald in 2008. Michael studied horticulture in Vienna and developed his mastery of viticulture internationally. Although known for its excellence in sparkling wine, with Gerald producing the first Austrian estate-bottled Sekt in 1976, the Malat Winery crafts noteworthy wines of all types.

Located in Palt, the Malat Estate borders the famous Wachau wine-growing region on the west and stands on the historic geographical hillside Gottweiger Berg. Benefitting from a microclimate regulated by the Danube River, with hot days and cool nights, Malat’s wines show a singular spiciness. With its soil composition of primary rock and loess, the site “Höhlgraben” has been a single-vineyard expression of the estate since the inception of the winery, producing exquisite Grüner Veltliner and Riesling. Vineyard sites upon the Gottweiger Berg, comprised of gravel and loam soils, and “Silberbichl,” composed of mica-schist, are the definitive sites for Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, respectively.

While others may wane, the Malat Winery continues its pursuit of perfection and evolves with the times while keeping an eye on its rich past. Vineyard sites are hand-worked, with organic and sustainable practices integral to the winemaking process. A modern boutique hotel opened in 2012, offering guest rooms and dining situated directly upon the beautiful vineyards of this historic and prestigious estate.